Prairie Dogs


All-inclusive prairie dog hunting packages:


  • Three meals per day plus beverages
  • Luxury accommodations at new lodge
  • Lodging for up to 40 guests
  • Sporting clays (13 stations)
  • Full access to smoking room, gym,
    laundry, fire pit and all lodge amenities
  • SAFE, private, guided hunts
  • Field and airport transportation


Imagine being out on the wide open prairie under a brilliant blue sky with the bright sunshine lighting up everything in sight, the green grass softly waving in the wind and the soft whisper of a busy bumblebee sucking nectar from a nearby purple pasque flower, the solitude broken occasionally by a loud chirp from a red-breasted robin searching for bugs and worms to feed their babies.  Now peer through your scope a couple hundred yards away and spy small brown heads popping up repeatedly, making the light brown dirt of the softly sloping hill seem to be continuously in motion.  Squeeze the trigger gently and one little varmint bobs up and then drops back down his hole, even while the rest of the nuisance village seems completely unbothered.  Repeat 500 times.

Prairie dog hunting in South Dakota is so much fun!  With no seasonal restrictions and no daily limits, you can shoot until your gun overheats, switch weapons and keep right on going, all day long!  Dakota Prairie Lodge & Resort partners with local farmers who are thrilled to have help thinning out the prairie dog population as these varmints ruin their fields with hundreds of holes and a network of underground tunnels.  So bring your friends to share in the excitement.  We will provide lodging, all your food and beverages, field transportation, and all the amenities of our new, luxury lodge.  Call today to reserve your place as our calendar does fill up quickly!

Unlimited Prairie Dog Hunting

$550 per person per day

As with all our hunting and fishing packages, 50% deposit is required to hold your dates, and your deposit is non-refundable but valid for three years.