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Q. Can I bring my own dog to hunt with me?

 A.       Yes!!  We encourage you to bring your best friend, and hunting with your own dog enhances the wonderful experience of chasing our pheasants through the fields.  Most of our guides use labs, but we enjoy seeing all the amazing dogs our hunters bring. 

Q. What are the accommodations for my dog?

 A.       We will make your dog feel right at home, whether he or she prefers a kennel or more personal space.  Our kennels have heated floors, with a smaller indoor space that has a floor mat and an automatic watering system.  A doggy door connects to a larger outdoor space, and both ends of the kennel have doors for easy access. 

If your hunting buddy is used to sleeping indoors, he or she can share your room.  The Lodge is tucked into a slight hill so the end rooms on the lower level have doors leading directly outside.  These rooms are for our four-legged friends so you can easily take them in or out as needed. 

Q. How many friends do I need to bring to make a group?

 A.       We accept groups of all sizes - from one to forty.  Hunting is more challenging with only one or two members if there aren't enough folks to function as walkers, flankers and blockers, but sometimes a small group can be beneficial.  For example, if you have a new dog freshly trained, you might like to focus on their skills without being distracted by more dogs and more guns in the field. 

Although the Lodge can accommodate 40 occupants, only 20 guns are allowed in a group while hunting.  That means the guides, who are not armed, do not count towards that limit.  If your group exceeds 20 people, we will divide you into two groups and rotate members so everyone has an opportunity to hunt together over the duration of your trip. 

Q. Can I bring my wife or a non-hunting friend?

 A.       Yes.  We welcome whomever you would like to accompany you on this fabulous adventure.  If your wife or friend doesn't hunt, they are welcome to walk with you during the hunt.  If they would like a more relaxing experience, we have several nearby cultural opportunities.  The Lodge has a salon with available masseuses, or we have access to horseback riding, antique shopping, local museums and other attractions.  Just share with us some ideas of their interests or favorite activities, and we will design an experience personally suited for them.

Q. Can I bring my teenage son/daughter or grandchildren?

 A.       Yes.  For youth ages 10 to 12, you can bring them to participate in the mentor program.  The main focus is teaching them about safe hunting practices and developing the love of hunting and the great outdoors.  For youth ages 12 and older, they can obtain a license if they have passed a hunter safety course.  Our guides pay special attention to youth in the field, and we have some wonderful multi-generational hunting experiences every fall.  To promote the next generation of hunting, all hunters younger than 18 years old enjoy a 50% discount when accompanied by an adult.

Q. Where is the closest airport?

 A.       Chamberlain is about 15 minutes away, but can only serve small private planes.  Mitchell is less than an hour from the Lodge and is also available for private planes.  They have heated hangars and other services.  Sioux Falls is almost two hours from the Lodge and is a full-service commercial airport.  The main airlines serving Sioux Falls are Delta, United and American.  Discount airlines include Allegiant and Frontier.  If you need any assistance with your travel plans, please let us know and we can help you make arrangements.


Q. Can I drive to the Lodge?

 A.       Yes.  We are very accessible from any direction.  Kimball is right on Interstate 90, so that is the best choice from the east or west.  From the South, you might take Highway 29, which connects to Interstate 90 in Sioux Falls.  From I-90, take exit 284 for Kimball.  Then turn right and continue around a curve on the edge of town to go west for six miles to 356th Avenue.  Turn left onto gravel and go two miles south to 253rd Street.  Turn right and drive 1.5 miles to the Lodge on the top of the hill. 

One note of caution:  some GPS systems will direct you incorrectly to the middle of a field south of Kimball.  If you need any help with directions, we would be happy to assist you 

Q. Can we hunt ducks too?

 A.       Yes, however, duck licenses in Brule County are available through a lottery system, so we cannot guarantee that you will obtain a license.  The South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks describes some of the duck hunting advantages in our state:  "Eastern South Dakota is located within the important waterfowl breeding grounds known as the "Prairie Pothole" region. The area was scarred by glaciers at the end of the last ice age resulting in landscape dotted with lakes, wetlands and streams where ducks abound.  These wetland resources are what make South Dakota a duck hunter's paradise. From small pothole hunting with a dozen decoys, layout blinds in corn fields for feeding ducks, or hunting big water on the Missouri River or glacial lakes, South Dakota provides many duck hunting opportunities. "  More information is available on the SD GFP website too at

Q. Can we hunt prairie dogs too?

 A.       Yes, we have access to a small prairie dog village near the Lodge.  If more members of your group want to hunt prairie dogs, we also have a partner with a substantial village less than an hour from the Lodge.  The prime time for prairie dog hunting is generally May and June after the new pups are above ground, but they are considered varmints so there is no season and no limits.  Please call for more details or visit

Q. Can we go fishing too?

 A.       Yes.  With our close proximity to the Missouri River, we can offer you outstanding fishing as well as hunting.  In the spring and summer, we offer fishing packages.  Depending on where the fish are biting, we travel along the River or to some nearby lakes.  If you'd like to fish in the fall, that is still a good time.  You can stay an extra day either before or after your group hunts, and we will take you out on the Missouri River for some great walleye fishing.  For more details and information on fishing licenses, hatcheries, fishing areas, and game species, please visit the SD GF&P website

Q. Can we hunt deer too?

 A.       Right now, our deer can best be described as being in the "let 'em grow" phase.  Every few years, we seem to experience issues that result in the demise of many deer.  Hopefully, in the future, we will be able to offer this opportunity as well.  Please check back as our deer population matures.


Q. Do you hunt released birds?

 A.       At the Lodge and the surrounding farms that we lease, we hunt only wild pheasants.  Our philosophy is that most other states offer preserve hunting with released birds, so if you're willing to travel all the way to South Dakota, you should have the opportunity to experience the challenge and thrill of hunting wild pheasants. 

In South Dakota, preserves are required to release as many roosters as they harvest, and many of these birds are imported from other states.  There is no quality control or inspection of these pheasants, so it is possible for them to bring diseases or deficient DNA characteristics into our state.  After hearing from our hunters across the country about all the states that formerly had phenomenal hunting and now have no pheasants, we are committed to doing everything possible to preserve our native pheasant population. 

Q. How many acres do you hunt?

 A.       Including leased land, we have access to about 12,000 acres of prime pheasant habitat.  Immediately around the Lodge, our land is devoted exclusively to promoting pheasants, and our other land is leased from ranchers and farmers.  Many of our partners raise cattle so there are lots of alfalfa fields and hay land to support the cattle that doubles as superb pheasant habitat.  These areas promote nesting, which helps support the wild bird population. 

The rule of thumb for hunting wild pheasants is that any particular area can only be hunted once a week or the birds will simply not return.  Therefore, we need lots of acreage so that we can keep rotating around our land.  Also, some areas are suitable for small groups and others require large numbers to adequately cover the ground. 

Q. What does your all-inclusive price include?

 A.       We try to include as many amenities as possible to make our pricing extremely transparent so that you have no hidden costs or surprises.  Our packages include expert guides, very well-trained dogs, all your meals and snacks, beverages (including adult drinks), lodging, unlimited ammunition, sporting clays, bird cleaning and vacuum packaging, transportation to evening entertainment or Cabela's, transportation to and from local airports, field transportation, and all the amenities of the Lodge such as the fire pit, smoking lounge, gym and laundry. 

Q. What does your all-inclusive price not include?

 A.       Our packages do not include guns because most of our hunters prefer to use their own weapons, but we do have rental guns available if yours malfunctions or you would like to try a different model.  We also do not include licenses because they are valid for ten days, and theoretically you could use the remaining days elsewhere.  Some of our hunters do return multiple times during the season, and they are fortunate to experience both early and late season hunting.  Finally, (optional) gratuities are not included, but they are very much appreciated by our staff.