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or a lifetime platinum membership.*    




*Please note that membership is not required to partake in any of our outdoor adventure opportunities. 

Each of our friends has unique requirements, and we hope that you can utilize our services 

in the best way to fit your needs. We can also customize any of our membership programs 

or all-inclusive packages specifically to match your hunting and fishing plans. 

Our best ideas come from our hunters. While attending outdoor shows around the country, more and more prospective clients are requesting information about membership programs. When we discuss what they’re seeking, the message that we hear again and again is their desire to secure a lifetime of privileges and priority status through an exclusive membership at a lodge with amazing hunting, great food, friendly staff and comfortable beds. Basically, they want a hunting “home” where they can visit any time they want, bring whoever they want, and have their run of the lodge.    As the bird population dwindles in other states, there is a sense of urgency to protect and preserve this proud tradition in South Dakota. 

The Magic of Pheasant Hunting

An hour after leaving the Sioux Falls airport and all the hustle and bustle behind, your cares and concerns start to fade. Driving across the heart of the Northern Great Plains, you get a sense of just how vast the land is with 180 million acres of rolling prairie grass. Right about the time you cross Wolf Creek, it hits you — this is the great American West and you’re smack-dab right in the heart of it. 

You’re going back in time on this hunting trip. Long before the railroad, the Lewis and Clark Expedition came through these parts back in 1804. The great buffalo herds thundered across this ground. Just up the road a stretch is where Hugh Glass was attacked and mauled by a grizzly bear in 1823. Left for dead, the fur-trader crawled for weeks to reach Fort Kiowa, ensuring a future movie, The Revenant

Back before he became President of the United States, Teddy Roosevelt hunted bison here in Dakota Territory. The fiery individualist and great outdoorsman ended up buying the Elkhorn Ranch on the banks of the Missouri River and running cattle. Another President, Calvin Coolidge, turned the State Game Lodge right in the Black Hills into the White House in the summer of 1927 and kicked-off the construction of Mount Rushmore. 

Ernest Hemingway was here in 1936. Before going on to become a famous American writer, he hunted pheasants at a lodge on the Big Sioux River outside Wentworth. Legend has it that Hemingway went through a case of White Horse Scotch and wrote 50,000 words by candlelight in his rocking chair on the front porch for a novel that would later win him a Pulitzer Prize. 

You quit daydreaming about big shots and turn off onto Old State Highway 16. This is Kimball, South Dakota, population 642. It also just so happens to be the pheasant hunting capital of the world. Past the old clapboard Methodist Church, the grain elevator and the rusted, neon Budweiser sign, the road winds curves left and the anticipation builds. 

A few miles down a dusty, gravel road you come up over a hill in Smith Township and suddenly 900-miles from nowhere, you’re here. The fire pit is burning. The smell of prime rib and bourbon hangs in the air. This isn’t just any hunting lodge. This is the Lodge. The Legend. The Legacy. The Dakota Prairie Lodge and Resort. 

Like Roosevelt, Hemingway and the other great adventurers and outdoorsmen who’ve come through these parts, you’re destined to write your own hunting adventure story out here on the wide prairie. 

annual gold membership

Ten days utilizing any of our hunting and fishing opportunities (for member or their associates):

     Pheasant Hunting

          · Three roosters per day

          · Unlimited shells

          · Cleaning and vacuum packaging of birds

          · Well-trained dogs (welcome to bring your own)

     Prairie Dog Hunting

          · Unlimited prairie dogs per day

          · Benches and gun rests

          · Sunshade and sunscreen

     Duck Hunting

          · Combination of ducks per GFP guidelines

          · Unlimited shells

          · Cleaning and vacuum packaging of birds

          · Well-trained dogs (welcome to bring your own)

     Walleye Fishing

          · Premium fishing gear and bait

          · Fishing boat with gas and life jackets

          · Cleaning and vacuum packaging of walleye

     All of our hunting and fishing excursions include:

          · Airport and field or river transportation

          · 13-station sporting clay course

          · Unlimited shells for sporting clays

          · Professional guides 

          · Unlimited food and beverages

          · Lodging – including access to all amenities

               - Smoking room

               - Fire pit

               - Laundry

               - Business center

               - Gym

               - Great rooms outfitted with poker tables, pool tables, darts, foosball, full bar, big screen TVs, and plenty of leather couches

Ten additional nights of lodging (for member or their associates) 

Whether you’re passing through South Dakota to access other hunting and fishing expeditions or just need a little peace and quiet on the wide open prairie, you are invited to make the Lodge your home. Come drive the tractor, smoke cigars on the deck, take the four-wheeler for a spin, or help train dogs!


Complimentary subscription to South Dakota Magazine

This magazine explores South Dakota, looking for interesting people and places that define our culture, heritage, arts, nature and communities. The bi-monthly publication is written and headquartered at Yankton, the historic Missouri River city that was once the territorial capital. The publishing headquarters encompasses three old brick buildings in downtown Yankton that were built in the 1870s by Territorial Governor John Pennington.

Complimentary membership in Pheasants Forever

Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever members are a diversified group of hunters, non-hunters, farmers, ranchers, landowners, conservation enthusiasts and wildlife officials. Pheasants Forever is dedicated to the conservation of pheasants, quail and other wildlife through habitat improvements, public awareness, education and land management policies and programs.

Complimentary weekend at The Lodge at Deadwood

When miners in the Northern Black Hills came across a gulch full of dead trees and a creek full of gold in 1876, Deadwood was born. The gold camp boomed overnight into a town populated by outlaws, gamblers and gunslingers that played by their own rules. The legends and legacies are still alive today. Deadwood is booming like never before with big-name concerts, modern-day casinos, luxury lodging and probably the best Main Street in the entire western United States. The Lodge at Deadwood is your best bet for adventure, offering the best dining, lodging and gaming venue in the Black Hills. 

Complimentary subscription to BattlBox

Battlbox is a subscription service that provides a great variation of camping, survival, EDC, and all around epic outdoor gear. Every month you will receive a box delivered directly to you containing hand selected items, such as manuals, emergency supplies, outdoor gear and survival tools.

Access to Discounted or Wholesale Deals on Gear and Equipment

As an outfitter and professional in the hunting and fishing industry, we are able to take advantage of significant discounts and wholesale pricing on a variety of most essential gear used in hunting or fishing excursions. Before making a purchase, you can compare our pricing to ensure you are making the most economical decision.

Annual Gold Membership Premium           $12,000 


Includes all benefits of the Annual Gold Membership every year for the duration of your lifetime:

     Ten days utilizing any of our hunting and fishing opportunities

     Ten additional nights of lodging 

     Complimentary subscription to South Dakota Magazine

     Complimentary membership in Pheasants Forever

     Complimentary weekend at The Lodge at Deadwood

     Complimentary subscription to BattlBox

     Access to Discounted or Wholesale Deals on Gear and Equipment

Plus additional benefits exclusive to Lifetime Platinum Members:

Mounted Pheasant from Pete’s Taxidermy in South Dakota

Tucked away in rural Burke, South Dakota, Pete’s Taxidermy is renowned nationwide. Every order placed at Pete’s is unique and made to your specifications. They have over ten thousand square feet to exhibit thousands of wildlife mounts and South Dakota hunting gift items. Visitors are always welcome to view their showroom.

Bob Allen shooting shirt customized with Dakota Prairie Lodge logo

Bob Allen Company was started in a parachute shop on the tiny Pacific atoll of Tinian towards the end of World War II. Bob Allen was a young, nationally known, clay target shooter before the war, who later parlayed his aerial gunner instructor duties into a combat assignment in the South Pacific.     


Choice of commemorative Black Hills Gold jewelry – tiepin, necklace or earrings

Manufactured in the Black Hills mountain range of South Dakota, this gold jewelry is named after the beautiful mountain range of the North American Great Plains that was once inhabited by Native American tribes. The mountainous range was filled with gold and attracted many prospectors during the gold rush in the 1870s. Black Hills Gold jewelry is distinctive for its unique designs and colors. The pink and green gold shades are created by alloying the gold with silver to produce green and with copper to produce pink. Each piece of the jewelry — leaves, grapes, and stems — are designed and created separately, and then soldered together onto the piece of jewelry. 

Choice of shotgun for upland bird hunting or rifle for prairie dog hunting

Beretta A400 Upland 12 Gauge 28” OBF-HP3

The A400 Upland is the very first Beretta shotgun featuring an innovative wood stock. The nickel plated receiver is completed by an exquisite game scene engraving. The new design of the pistol grip improves the gun comfort and enhances the overall look and slim new design. The A400 Upland is a great combination of the latest technologies with a classic look, for all the hunters who are looking for the best shooting experience.

Ruger M77 Hawkeye Predator 24” SS OD LAM NS

Built with versatility, style and performance in mind, the Ruger Hawkeye features slim, ergonomic, classic checkering of the walnut stock and the LC6 trigger. In addition, these bolt-action rifles contain all the value-added characteristics of Ruger rifles: positive floor plate latch, integral scope mounts, three-position safety, hammer-forged barrels. This Predator model is a uniquely styled, light-weight varmint rifle with a Hawkeye Matte Stainless finish Green Mountain laminate stock and a two-stage adjustable Target Trigger. 

Lifetime Platinum Membership Premium           $60,000