Walleye Fishing


All-inclusive walleye fishing packages:


· Three meals per day plus all beverages

· Luxury accommodations at new lodge (capacity of 40 guests)

· Four walleyes per day - eight possession limit

· Cleaning and vacuum packaging of walleye fillets

· Premium fishing gear and bait

· Fishing boat with gas and life jackets

· River and airport transportation

· Full access to smoking room, gym, laundry, fire pit and all lodge amenities

· SAFE, private, guided fishing expedition


Even on the hottest summer day, early mornings and evenings on the Missouri River are refreshingly cool. Nicknamed the "Big Muddy" for the large quantities of sediment that it carries downstream, the Missouri River is the longest river in North America. The Lodge is fortunate to be positioned just a short distance from this treasure trove of historical landmarks, cultural sites, memorials, Native American traditions and more. When you fish along this mighty river, you can experience the gorgeous scenery while appreciating the power of the river where it has carved a path through our state. Close your eyes and relax in the Missouri's peacefulness and serenity, while envisioning the challenges that Lewis and Clark faced as they made their legendary expedition up the river. 

The Missouri River is also home to world-class walleye fishing. Walleye are some of the most popular game fish but they can be elusive at times. They will show up in droves one day, and then seem almost non-existent the next. Walleye are very attracted to bright colors - yellow, red, chartreuse, or even white - so choose your lures accordingly. Walleye spawn in the spring and fall and can be found in shallow flats during those times. In summer, they can be found in deeper water near points of sharp ledges and bars. These fish have better vision under low light conditions, making early mornings or late evenings best for fishing. Some of the best fishing is with overcast skies or during windy conditions where sunlight through the water column is obscured.

Your guide will assist in all aspects of your fishing outing, but there are a few tips to help in your pursuit of these beautiful fish. Walleye like cold water better than warm water. During night time, walleyes will swim closer to the shore. Despite the fact that walleyes are easiest to catch during spring, they are known to bite year round. Using live bait for catching walleye is helpful and effective. In the summer, leeches and night crawlers produce results, and in the spring, try minnows, small red tail chubs and small suckers. In the fall and winter, we use minnows, shiners, red tail chubs and small suckers. The most preferred lures for catching walleyes are jigs and crankbaits. Gloves are recommended to protect your hands from the extremely sharp teeth and dorsal fins of walleyes.

Much of the joy and thrill of fishing is in the hunt. Happy fishing!

Missouri River Walleye Fishing

1 person $750 per person per day

2 persons $700 per person per day

3 persons $650 per person per day

4 persons $600 per person per day

 As with all our hunting and fishing packages, 50% deposit is required to hold your dates, and your deposit is non-refundable but valid for three years.